Red Cross in Washington Updates Services

December 19, 2007

American Red Cross disaster relief operation continues to  adjust its service locations and services to address changing community needs.  Locations and details found here: Read the rest of this entry »

Feeding Adna

December 14, 2007


In a small rural town near Chehalis, Wash, life revolves around the local high school – basketball games, fundraisers and parent-teacher conferences keep families and neighbors connected. And residents of Adna and the American Red Cross weren’t going to allow a flood to disrupt that tradition. Volunteers delivered warm meals to the Adna High School to give families a break from cleaning up their homes and property, visit with friends and learn about flood relief services available in the community. The more than 150 mud-caked boots that walked through the cafeteria doors symbolized this community’s resiliency and the tight-knit community the Red Cross is working so hard to restore.

Community Meetings

December 14, 2007


During a recent community meeting in Rochester, Wash., Red Cross volunteer Zach Sullivan visited with a Thurston County family affected by the flood, helped them identify their needs and set priorities for their recovery. Red Cross caseworkers, in partnership with other community organizations, are offering assistance and advice to residents at more than a dozen town hall meetings scheduled this week in Southwest Washington.

Shelter Clowns

December 14, 2007


Shelter residents and Red Cross workers took a minute to clown around with comedic entertainers from Yakima, Wash., and relieve some stress caused by last week’s flooding. The troop lifted spirits, brought joy and laughter for the dozens of families staying at Red Cross shelter in the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Chehalis, Wash.

Play Area

December 14, 2007


Red Cross volunteer Susan Winters plays with children while parents receive flood relief assistance at the service center established at the Bethel Church in Chehalis, Wash. Last week’s events were undoubtedly frightening for adults, but they were especially traumatic for children. With the help of the local community and their families, the Red Cross is trying to restore daily routines to help children cope with their anxiety by providing a safe place to play and talk about their experiences. The simple act of playing with dolls and trucks, something they did regularly before the disaster, helps reduce their fears and gives them hope. Licensed mental health professionals are available to provide emotional support to children and adults afftected by the flood at all Red Cross sites in Southwest Washington.

It’s a bird, It’s a plane, It’s a Red Cross Volunteer!

December 13, 2007

By Lise Harwin, Marketing & Communications, American Red Cross – Oregon Trail Chapter 

It doesn’t take Superman to save lives in a small town. It just takes Clark Kent…or at least a guy with glasses.

Peter Williamson, a long-time volunteer with the Oregon Trail Chapter of the American Red Cross, put those specs to good use on Tuesday, Dec. 4, after rainfall had ravaged Oregon’s coastal communities. Read the rest of this entry »

Amateur Radio Provides Lifeline During Disaster

December 13, 2007

By Nick Samaniego, Media & Government Affairs, American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles, on assignment in Oregon 

Beaverton, Ore. – Hard hitting disasters like the recent Northwest storms can knock communications for a loop. In Oregon, thousands of homes and businesses were left “power-less” – without utilities, telephones or any lines of communication to outside help.  Luckily, local residents in storm ravaged areas could depend on a handful of specially trained volunteers dedicated to an old-fashioned method of information sharing – ham radio. Read the rest of this entry »