Red Cross shelter to open in South Bend, Washington


LONGVIEW, Wash. (Dec. 5, 2007) – The American Red Cross will open a shelter in South Bend, Wash., at approximately 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 5, to serve those affected by the flooding in coastal regions of Pacific County. The shelter will be located at Chauncy Davis Elementary School, 500 E. 1st Street, South Bend, Wash.

For those in the areas affected by the recent storms, and who still have access to power, the Internet, or phone service, the Red Cross recommends that you register on their “Safe and Well” Web site. Registration can be made either on the Internet at and clicking on the Safe and Well button, or by phone, 1-800-Red Cross. Safe and Well is also a resource for concerned family and friends of people who may have been affected by a flooding to search a list of those who have registered themselves as “safe and well.” The results of a successful search, either online or via phone, will display a loved one’s First Name, Last Name, an “As of Date”, and the “safe and well” messages selected.

If you are interested in helping those affected by the flooding in Washington and Oregon, the following information may assist you in making your donation decisions.

• The best way to help a disaster victim is through a financial donation to the American Red Cross.

American Red Cross disaster relief is free and made possible by the generous donations of the American people.

• The American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund allows the Red Cross to provide immediate emergency assistance to the victims of thousands of disasters each year, disasters like the flooding in the Northwest.

• Disaster victims need essential assistance right away, such as water, food, shelter and mental health counseling. The Disaster Relief Fund is the resource that allows the Red Cross to respond to anyone with disaster-caused needs, whenever and wherever a disaster occurs.

The American Red Cross honors donor intent. If you wish to designate your donation to a specific disaster please do so at the time of your donation.

Internet users can make a secure online contribution by visiting or You may also call 1-800-REDCROSS or 1-800-257-7575 (Spanish), or locally at local chapter offices (360-693-5821 in Vancouver, 360-423-7880 in Longview, 360-642-5766 in Ilwaco and 360-875-6012 in Raymond).

• The Red Cross is unable to accept small, individual donations or collections of items such as clothing, food or cleaning supplies. The cost to sort, package and distribute these types of donations to disaster victims is almost always greater than the cost of purchasing the items locally, and it is logistically impossible to distribute a wide variety of individual items in a meaningful way.

• While the Red Cross can not accept the donation of an individual item, you can support your community by donating these items to an organization that is equipped to put them to the best possible local use.


The Red Cross may accept sizable, bulk donations if they meet the service delivery needs of a particular relief operation. These donations typically come from companies that can package the items in bulk, put them on pallets and ship them directly to the disaster site. If you have a bulk donation that you think would be appropriate for Red Cross relief operations, please contact your local Red Cross chapter office, 360-693-5821 in Vancouver, 360-423-7880 in Longview, 360-642-5766 in Ilwaco and 360-875-6012 in Raymond.


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