Red Cross pledge: We help victims of all disasters, large and small

December 11, 2007

PORTLAND, Ore.The American Red Cross would like to express its gratitude to for the generous support Oregonians are demonstrating by helping their neighbors affected by the recent flooding in Clatsop, Colombia, Coos, Lincoln, Polk, Tillamook, Washington and Yamhill counties. Our disaster response volunteers are working long hours with community partners to continue meeting the needs of families impacted by these tragic events so close to the holidays.   Read the rest of this entry »


December 10, 2007


PORTLAND, Ore. – Over the past week, specially trained American Red Cross volunteers from across the nation have been deployed to the Northwest to provide food, shelter, counseling and care for families in hard hit communities along the northern Oregon coast.

But behind the scenes, a different type of volunteer work force has emerged to bolster Red Cross efforts from within. Dozens of local men and women with little or no emergency response training have stepped forward as “spontaneous volunteers,” eager to help their neighbors in need.

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Red Cross Responds to Oregon Flooding

December 9, 2007


From Tillamook to St. Helens, the Red Cross works to help victims

PORTLAND, Ore. – Rain storms that caused flooding throughout the northern Oregon coast have damaged thousands of homes and businesses and claimed several lives. The Oregon Trail Chapter of the American Red Cross is offering a variety of services to those affected by this flooding, from sheltering and feeding affected residents and emergency workers, to conducting damage assessment and counseling to families as they begin to recover from their losses. Read the rest of this entry »

American Red Cross Provides Tips for Safety, Repair and Clean Up

December 7, 2007


The American Red Cross offers the following tips for those affected by this week’s storms and floods in Washington state and Oregon. Many people are expected to do without power for the coming days as power outages continue to plague parts of southwest Washington and northwest Oregon. Hundreds of Red Cross volunteers are among the neighbors helping neighbors get through this crisis at a time when most would be gearing up for holiday celebrations. Read the rest of this entry »

You can help with Red Cross recovery efforts in Pacific Northwest

December 6, 2007


Many Washington residents have inquired about where they can donate clothing and household goods so those affected by the flood can return to normalcy as soon as possible after the flood waters recede. Many community organizations, including the American Red Cross, are not accepting donations of individual items, such as food, clothing, furniture and cleaning supplies, because it is logistically impossible to distribute a wide variety of individual items in a meaningful and responsible way. Some donations, though well-intentioned, have hidden costs and pose many complications. You can, however, support your community by donating these items to an organization that is not participating in relief efforts and is equipped to put them to the best possible local use.


The best way to help those affected by this and other disasters is to make a financial contribution to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Monetary contributions enable organizations, like the American Red Cross, to purchase the most urgently needed items as close to the disaster site as possible. Purchasing near the disaster site ensures supplies get to those affected as quickly as possible, without delay and hefty transportation costs. And because communities hit by disasters generally experience significant economic loss, buying goods locally also helps to stimulate a weakened economy and support area businesses.


Monetary contributions can be made to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund by calling 1-800-Red Cross or 1-800-257-7575 (Spanish). You can also make a secure online credit card contribution by visiting:


As floodwaters recede, Red Cross shelters remain open for evacuees and relief efforts

December 6, 2007


Washington State efforts continue

The American Red Cross is continuing relief efforts to help local residents evacuated from their homes due to heavy rains, rising floodwaters, and mudslides throughout Western Washington. Red Cross disaster volunteers have been busy supporting dozens of shelters in the affected areas, many of which are community-based, with supplies and food.

As of Wednesday, December 5, 2007, Red Cross Chapters in Washington State have opened 12 shelters in Western Washington for residents displaced from their homes and seeking refuge from the floodwaters. Over 144 Red Cross disaster volunteers have been working around-the-clock on this disaster response operation as additional volunteers from neighboring states arrive in the next few days. Local Red Cross chapters have provided over 560 nights stay at shelters, provided 750 meals, and served 12,000 snacks since the beginning of the relief efforts. Red Cross damage assessment crews are moving throughout the affected communities as floodwaters recede and will continue as more areas become accessible and safe. For those seeking Red Cross shelter information or assistance are asked to call 1-866-GET-INFO or their local Red Cross chapters.


Grays Harbor County

Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds, 32 Elma-McCleary Road, Elma, WA 98541


Lewis County

Centralia National Guard Armory, 309 Byrd Street, Centralia, WA 98531

Centralia LDS Church, 2801 Mount Vista Road, Centralia, WA 98531

Chehalis LDS Church, 2195 Jackson Hwy, Chehalis, WA 98532

Westminster Presbyterian Church, 349 North Market Blvd, Chehalis, WA 98532


Following three Lewis County shelters are being closed due to the reopening of schools, the Red Cross is relocating clients to other open shelters:

WF West High School, 342 SW 16th Street, Chehalis, WA 98532

Edison Elementary School, 607 H Street, Centralia, WA 98531

Centralia Middle School, 901 Johnson Road, Centralia, WA 98531

Following Lewis County shelters are closed:

Napavine Elementary School, 209 East Park Street, Napavine, WA 98565 / Closed

Vader Lions Club, 1201 Eighth Street, Vader, WA 98593 / Closed

Winlock Community Center, 600 Block of NW Kerron Avenue, Winlock, WA 98596 / Closed


Thurston County

Rochester LDS Church, 18501 Paulson Street SW, Rochester, WA 98579


Following Thurston County shelters are closed:

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 1515 Harrison Avenue NW, Olympia, WA 98502

Rochester High School, 19800 Carper Road SW, Rochester, WA 98579


Mason County

Mason County Public Utilities Department, 307 West Cota Street, Shelton, WA
Theler Community Center, 22871 NE State Route 3, Belfair, WA

King County

Spartan Gym at 18560 1st Ave. NE, Shoreline, WA


Snohomish County

World Harvester Family Church, 20830 52nd Ave. W., Lynnwood, WA


Kitsap County

United Methodist Church, 9982 Silverdale Way, Silverdale / STANDBY


Red Cross shelter to open in South Bend, Washington

December 5, 2007


LONGVIEW, Wash. (Dec. 5, 2007) – The American Red Cross will open a shelter in South Bend, Wash., at approximately 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 5, to serve those affected by the flooding in coastal regions of Pacific County. The shelter will be located at Chauncy Davis Elementary School, 500 E. 1st Street, South Bend, Wash.

For those in the areas affected by the recent storms, and who still have access to power, the Internet, or phone service, the Red Cross recommends that you register on their “Safe and Well” Web site. Registration can be made either on the Internet at and clicking on the Safe and Well button, or by phone, 1-800-Red Cross. Safe and Well is also a resource for concerned family and friends of people who may have been affected by a flooding to search a list of those who have registered themselves as “safe and well.” The results of a successful search, either online or via phone, will display a loved one’s First Name, Last Name, an “As of Date”, and the “safe and well” messages selected.

If you are interested in helping those affected by the flooding in Washington and Oregon, the following information may assist you in making your donation decisions.

• The best way to help a disaster victim is through a financial donation to the American Red Cross.

American Red Cross disaster relief is free and made possible by the generous donations of the American people.

• The American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund allows the Red Cross to provide immediate emergency assistance to the victims of thousands of disasters each year, disasters like the flooding in the Northwest.

• Disaster victims need essential assistance right away, such as water, food, shelter and mental health counseling. The Disaster Relief Fund is the resource that allows the Red Cross to respond to anyone with disaster-caused needs, whenever and wherever a disaster occurs.

The American Red Cross honors donor intent. If you wish to designate your donation to a specific disaster please do so at the time of your donation.

Internet users can make a secure online contribution by visiting or You may also call 1-800-REDCROSS or 1-800-257-7575 (Spanish), or locally at local chapter offices (360-693-5821 in Vancouver, 360-423-7880 in Longview, 360-642-5766 in Ilwaco and 360-875-6012 in Raymond).

• The Red Cross is unable to accept small, individual donations or collections of items such as clothing, food or cleaning supplies. The cost to sort, package and distribute these types of donations to disaster victims is almost always greater than the cost of purchasing the items locally, and it is logistically impossible to distribute a wide variety of individual items in a meaningful way.

• While the Red Cross can not accept the donation of an individual item, you can support your community by donating these items to an organization that is equipped to put them to the best possible local use.


The Red Cross may accept sizable, bulk donations if they meet the service delivery needs of a particular relief operation. These donations typically come from companies that can package the items in bulk, put them on pallets and ship them directly to the disaster site. If you have a bulk donation that you think would be appropriate for Red Cross relief operations, please contact your local Red Cross chapter office, 360-693-5821 in Vancouver, 360-423-7880 in Longview, 360-642-5766 in Ilwaco and 360-875-6012 in Raymond.