American Red Cross Video Feeds Now Available

December 8, 2007

All material from ARC video crews is available for viewing and download via our FTP site.

To access the FTP site go to:

In the e-mail address field, type oregonflood (as written: lower case – one word)

Password: redcross (again, as written)

In the index page that follows, just click on the link for the video you want to see.

A page will build (after a few moments) that includes a viewing frame with a still image from the video.  To view the video, just click on the image. QuickTime must be installed on the computer for this video to be seen. (most computers used by TV personnel will have it installed) It’s a free plug-in from Apple available at

The video can either be viewed for preview, or downloaded by newsroom personnel for broadcast. The video is a MPEG-2 program stream file – high resolution for broadcast.

Holiday Joy – Delivered

December 7, 2007


Imagine if Santa pulled up for Christmas this year in a Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle. He’s not at your house to place toys under the tree or eat cookies left by the fire, but delivering warm meals and a smile to children and families who have lost so much to the Washington flood. Red Cross volunteers, Rob Fuller and Tom Brock, have left the warm weather and their own holiday celebrations behind in Tucson, Arizona to be the one’s delivering those much needed meals and smiles.


The Red Cross Family

December 7, 2007


A little over two years ago, before she became a mom, Veronica Jackson volunteered at a Red Cross shelter following Hurricane Katrina. Now, as the floods strike her own home in Lewis County, Wash., she is grateful that Red Cross could be there for her family just as they were for so many families in the Gulf Coast. Since the beginning of the week, the American Red Cross has provided families like the Jackson’s with warm meals, a safe place to stay, clean clothes and emotional support. Veronica wants her neighbors to know that “if you’re in trouble, contact the Red Cross and they will be there to help.”

If you need assistance, please call 1-866-GET-INFO

A Life-Saving Interruption

December 7, 2007


When the Sheriff’s department knocked on their door at 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday, the Lopez’s had no idea the water had gotten so high. It was so high, in fact, that it was up to their hips and above their 6-year-old’s head.  With less than 20 minute’s notice, the Lopez’s had to leave their home and nearly all of their belongings, including their new mini-van. Rescuers swiftly lifted the children into a boat and secured their life vests as the couple waded out in the chilly water. They were immediately taken to a Red Cross shelter at the Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds and given warm blankets. All Anel and Leonel Lopez had left was comfort in knowing their four children, all under the age of 10, were safe.

“They’ve made us feel so comfortable and really help take care of the kids needs; they even make them laugh,” said Anel of the Red Cross shelter workers.  “For me, that’s the most important thing that the kids get what they want.”

Anel said that the volunteers at the shelter made them so comfortable that the only thing her children were missing from home was their Christmas tree. The table full of games and toys in the shelter served as a nice distraction to everyone in the family though. Their 8-year-old son, also named Leonel, is unable to return to school due to the flood damage, but grateful for the extra quality time with his parents and siblings. The Red Cross volunteers called his dad’s employer after the flood to let them know he was safe, but couldn’t return to work because their van was trapped by the standing water still surrounding their home. Together, they spent much of the day challenging each other to matches of Trouble, a board game donated to the shelter by a local community member. In the true spirit of the holidays, the Lopez’s are counting their blessings and hoping when they are able to return home their Christmas tree is there to greet them.

Youth lend a hand

December 7, 2007

Phi Vu and Bingli Zhang of the American Red Cross Oregon Trail Chapter youth council help load disaster supplies into a truck headed to flood-affected areas.

Serving the community

December 6, 2007


Ronette Brachert and Tim Davidson serve Luichesco Gomez at the Red Cross shelter in Shoreline, Wash., a hot meal following the floods that ravaged the Pacific Northwest.

Family meal

December 6, 2007


Herminia Gomez eats a meal at a Red Cross shelter in Shoreline, Wash. in King County, with her children Luichesco, 12, and Leslie, 11, Monday, Dec. 5.